2021 OPENING DAY APRIL 15th Check-Out Time: 2:00pm Check-In Time: 3:00pm QUIET HOURS: 11:00pm -> 8:00am CAMPGROUND SPEED LIMIT IS: 10 MPH 2021 SEASON END OCTOBER 17th

Vehicle Parking and Seasonal Vehicle Passes

[ Please Read All of the Campground Literature ] – Request Literature


Parking and Seasonal Passes

  1. Display on the rear window – left side (Available at Office)
  2. You are to park on your own site. Seasonal Vehicle Stickers are Required to be On Your Vehicles. (Limit 2 Vehicles)
  3. Alternate Parking: Locations for your extra vehicle in the main camp and seasonal camp are located on the campgrounds layout map.

Remember Waffle Farm Campgrounds is on a Chain of 7 Lakes. If you forgot to bring your boat, we have ones you can rent. Great Fishing On All 7 Lakes!

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