Seasonal Rules & Regulations

Season Start: April 15, 2021                    Season End: October 17, 2021

1. Your Site Seniority, Occupancy and Guest Requirements.

Your Site Seniority starts upon the date of deposit on your seasonal site and continues until you leave or your site is terminated.
For both married and unmarried couples, both parties will sign the seasonal contract agreement. This will give both parties controlling interest of the site, and also makes both parties liable and bound to this contract. For a single individual, only he/she will have the controlling interest of the site. Occupancy of your seasonal site is for you only. Your site cannot be transferred to anyone.


Your seasonal rate is based on 5 persons in your unit (2 adults and 3 children).


There may be only 1 sleeping unit per site. However, you may also have a tent, not to exceed 7.5’ x 7.5’, intended for children in your care under the age of 12. The tent should not be in place for more than 3 consecutive nights.


All guests of seasonal campers are the responsibility of the host seasonal camper.


All adult guests that stay overnight must stay in your unit, not in a separate van, motor home, trailer, or tent on your site


You may not sublease your trailer or site.


All seasonal campers and their guests must abide by all campground rules.

2. Seasonal Travel Trailer Requirements.

Be within 10 years of new and very neat in appearance when first becoming a seasonal. All decisions on the appropriate appearance of trailers are at the manager’s sole discretion.
Can be no greater than 400 square feet.
Cannot extend past your electrical pedestal.
All trailers must be continuously road towable. No park models or converted park models allowed.

3. Utilities


Do not bury your electrical cords or place them under your carpet/deck.


No buried extension cords of any kind are permitted.


Your water hose must be pressure type for palpable water.


Do not bury your water hose or place them under carpet/deck.


Water Usage: Please conserve water. No excessive watering of lawns, washing of trailers, motor vehicles or golf carts is allowed.


You must use a rigid plastic pipe.


It must have a slope for drainage from your trailer, and must be well supported.


If your site is full hookup, then you must have a donut adapter to hook up to our sewer.


You cannot glue onto our sewer risers.


You cannot use flexible sewer connections on seasonal sites.

4. Site Maintenance

If any of your property is in disrepair or is in violation of any Health Department standards, you will be notified or your property will be tagged. This requires your immediate attention, or you risk the possibility of termination of your site.


You may receive a violation either from a government official (Health Department, DEQ, etc.) or a Site Improvement Notice from the office.


You must correct any violation issued by a governmental agency within the time permitted. If any violation is not corrected to the satisfaction of the governing agency, you must vacate the site. You will be responsible for any fines, costs or damages due to the violations.


You are responsible for the care of the site’s lawn. If you do not take care of the problem after being given a warning, a contractor will be hired and you will be responsible for the bill. Any unpaid bill will be considered an End of Season Fee.


No planting of trees.


Check with the office about where to dispose of grass clippings or leaves.


You are to park at your own site.


Additional parking is available in designated places marked on the campground map.

5. Insurance

During seasonal occupancy and winter storage on camp property you are responsible for property and liability insurance on all of your equipment and guests. This includes your trailer, dock, shed, golf cart, boat, etc. This insurance policy must be available upon office request. No insurance, no site!
REMEMBER: Fill out your insurance information on your Seasonal Contract Information sheet.

6. Decks

Manager approval is required for all decks! (Ask before you build).
Deck must start flush with the ground.
Deck posts cannot go into the ground.
Deck can be no larger than 400 sq. feet.
Deck railings are not to exceed 30” in height and cannot have solid panels.
Keep deck well maintained.

7. Awnings

Permanent awnings require office approval.
Screen rooms are not permitted.

8. Sheds

For both lakefront and back lot sites, the shed is to be placed directly behind the trailer.
Sheds must be well maintained or they will have to be removed from the camp or be replaced.
All sheds have to be moveable.
Only one shed will be permitted per site.
Sheds are not to exceed 50 sq. feet.
The installation, sale, or purchase of all sheds must be approved by the manager.

9. Docks / Boat Slip / Boats


Docks must be maintained for safety.


Docks must be included on your liability insurance.

3. Spacing of Docks - Part A

Will be spaced to accommodate two seasonal camper’s watercraft. Placement will depend on the availability of water frontage. This is left up to the seasonal and their neighbors. If an agreement cannot be reached, then management will reach an agreement for them.

3. Spacing of Docks - Part B

Docks are to be 21’ apart edge to edge. The dock cannot be any wider than 3’. Docks must be straight out from the shore. For channel sites, docks are not to exceed 18’ in length.


Each seasonal is allowed only one boat slip at a dock or pulled to shore.


Your boat slip is for you only.


You are not allowed to use another seasonal camper’s boat slip even if they do not have a boat as an extra boat slip for yourself.


Non-motorized watercraft, such as rowboats, canoes, paddle boats, kayaks, and inflatables do not count toward the marina slip count.

5. Respect Your Neighbor.

Waterfront: Common waterfront, which means that the seasonal camper in the vicinity behind a waterfront seasonal camper has access through and usage for co-sharing of the dock, waterfront and boat slip.


Boat trailers are to be stored south of the store in the open field.


Storage in the field is free, but please get a tag from the office to put on the front of the trailer.


Your boat trailer must be insured, as we are not responsible for damages.


You may store a boat on the trailer at your site.


You may have one watercraft in the water at a time.


For seasonal campers on a waterfront channel site, your watercraft is not to exceed 20’ in length.

10. Golf Carts / LSV's

You must be 18 years old.

With a valid driver’s license to operate any gas, battery, or electric powered equipment in the campground. (Be prepared to show driver’s license if asked).

Liability Insurance Required

There must be liability insurance on your vehicle to operate it in the campground. This insurance form must be on file in the office.

1 Per Site

You may only have one golf cart per site.

Must Have Office Approval.

Golf carts, 4-wheelers, Gators, mini-bikes, mopeds, electric scooters, etc. must have office approval.

Display Site #

Your golf cart is to have your site number on both the front and the back of the cart. Please make sure that the numbers contrast with the color of your golf cart. You must have these numbers to operate your golf cart in the campground.

Stay On The Road.

Drivers are to stay on the roadways only. Do not drive through campsites or other non-designated roadway areas.

10 MPH

The speed limit is 10 mph throughout the entire camp. You must stop at all stop signs.

Working Lights Required

All vehicles must have working lights on the front and back of the vehicle (or reflectors on back).

# of Seats = # of People

Please follow the specific seating guidelines for your golf cart or recreational vehicle. Please do not have more people than seats on your vehicle.

No Racing or Drunk Driving

Horseplay, racing, or other misuse of vehicles is not permitted.

3 Strikes & You're Out!

All violations will be written and kept on file in the office and a copy will be mailed to your home. When you reach your 3rd violation, your vehicle will have to be removed from the camp for the rest of the season. However, your vehicle may be removed on the 1st violation if your minor children are found driving at any time. If an accident were to occur while a minor was driving the cart, the vehicle will have to be removed permanently from the camp (and you could potentially lose your site).

Do Not Drink & Drive

No driving of any vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

11. Pets

Your pets are welcome if they are under control, friendly and quiet.
All pets are required to be on a leash and/or penned at all times (leash can be no longer than 16’).
Pets are not allowed to be on the beach, but they may play in the water at your site or at the boat launch.
Respect others by cleaning up after your pets.
Pets are to be kept inside the trailer at night, and should not be left unattended at any time.
Be sure your pets are up to date on their shots, and have paperwork at request.

You are liable if your dog bites anyone.

Follow the Rules!

If these rules are not followed, your pet will have to leave the campgound.

12. Site Change & Termination

1. Availability & Seniority

The opportunity to change sites will depend upon available sites & your seniority.

2. Requesting a Site Change - Section 1

When you receive your new seasonal literature in January for the coming season, check “Site Change, Yes or No”.

2. Requesting a Site Change - Section 1a

If “No”: You will not be considered for a site change for the coming season.

2. Requesting a Site Change - Section 1b

If “Yes”: You will be called after March 1st. You will be given a choice of the available sites (if any). You are required at the time of the call to decide on the site that you want, or if you wish to change at all.

3. Schedule Move

Your trailer must be ready to move as soon as possible before the opening of the season. Check with the office for a time and what is required of you.

1. No Return

If you choose not to return for the following season or your site is terminated, the trailer must be removed either before the end of the season or 2 weeks prior to the opening of the campground for the following season.

2. Payment

The camper may be held due to non-payment until payment of fees is received.

3. Contract Termination

There is a $200.00 contract termination fee if you give up your site after we receive your contract for the year. You are still responsible for all seasonal fees and late charges for the current season before removing any of your property from the camp.

4. DO NOT!

When the site is vacated, do not put pieces of your shed, deck, dock, etc. in the dumpsters.

5. Cleaning Fee

A minimum fee of $200.00 will be charged for the cleaning of your vacated lot. You do have the option of cleaning the site up yourself.

13. Miscellaneous Rules & Regulations

Remove @ End of Season

Please remove at the end of the season. Picnic tables are to be propped up.


Firearms (including BB guns, Pellet Guns, Cross Bows, Sling Shots, and Paint Ball Guns) are not allowed in the camp. Fireworks of any kind are also not allowed in the camp.

Quadcopters, Radio-Controlled Aircraft, etc.

Must be flown in accordance with state and federal laws. These must not disturb other guests. Please check with the office.

Be Courteous

Campfires are permitted, but must be attended at all times. Do not burn continuously and be courteous to your neighbors. We do not provide fire rings.

11:00pm – 8:00am

Campground quiet hours are from 11:00pm – 8:00am.

1. Credit Cards

Credit Cards: Credit Cards are not accepted for seasonal payment. You may use a personal check, debit card, or money order.

2. Bad Checks

There is a $50.00 handling fee for returned checks. Your balance due plus the bad check fee is to be paid by cash or money order.

Do Not Send To Camp.

Do not have your mail or utility bills sent to the campground. Post office boxes are available upon request.

1. Watercrafts

At the end of the season all watercrafts are to be out of the water.

2. Put in Storage or Take Home

There cannot be boats, golf carts, etc. stored on your site for the off-season. They are your responsibility to take home or have stored with us in the appropriate places.

Limited Access

There will be no fishing, hunting, or camping during the off-season. You are permitted to check your camper only for a short time.

1. Non-Disclosure

When selling your trailer, boat, shed, etc. be sure to put all pertinent information on your advertisement. Management will not give out personal information except for in case of emergency or to law enforcement.

2. Get Approval

Be sure to check with management for approval before sale.

3. Park Model or RV

If you are selling a park model or an RV that is older than 10 years, it cannot remain in the park unless granted approval by management.

4. Sale when Camp is Open

When selling your RV when the camp is open, the new owner can finish out the current season with management approval. However, they will not have any seniority. At the end of the season, the trailer and all personal property has to be removed from the camp.

5. Sale when Camp is Closed

When selling your RV when the camp is closed, the trailer and all your personal property will have to be removed 2 weeks before the camp opening for the following season.

Rules May Change

These rules may be edited from season to season as management deems necessary to stay in compliance with state and local laws.