Location of Storage Sheds

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Storage Sheds

  1. Location Of Sheds for all seasonal sites:

    Waterfront Sites: Shed has to be placed directly behind trailer (Not the Pullout).

    Back site: Shed has to be placed directly behind trailer. All sheds have to be movable. Only One Shed Per Site. Must be well maintained or Will Be Removed.

  2. SHEDS: are not to exceed a size of 50 sq. feet from 1986 on and Must Have Office Approval. The sheds have to be maintained in neatness and appearance. If not, it must be replaced. No reselling of any shed without office approval (Sheds over 50 sq. ft. cannot be resold in camp).
  3. Office A: Means if there is NO Office Approval (from Loyd or Bill) for trailers, sheds and decks Both Sale or Purchase they will have to leave the Camp.

Remember Waffle Farm Campgrounds is on a Chain of 7 Lakes. If you forgot to bring your boat, we have ones you can rent. Great Fishing On All 7 Lakes!

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