Seasonal Travel Trailer Requirements

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Trailer Requirements

Absolutely No Form of Recreational Park Trailers

  1. Your travel trailer is to be within ten (10) years of new and very neat in appearance when first becoming a seasonal.
  2. Length: Not to exceed 37 feet from front of tongue to back of rear bumper.
  3. Square footage: Must be less than 320 square feet in set-up mode.
  4. Slide Outs: Not to extend more than 3 feet.
  5. Height: Maximum Height not to exceed 10’9”.
  6. Motor Homes and 5th Wheels excluded from #2, #3, and #5 above, but must comply with #4 above.
  7. Trailer upgrade for all (1-6) apply.

All Seasonal Travel Trailers: have to be continuous road towable. No Park Models or Converted Park Models Allowed. Park models are not allowed because of their extreme size, sanitation codes, and extra property taxes.

Trailers older than 15 years are to be upgraded unless they are in excellent condition. Either Keep Them Up or Remove Them From the Camp.

All Decks, Deck Railings, Screen Houses, Docks, and Awnings: have to have Office Approval for their size, location, and requirements. (Mainly so they do not block the view of another camper and have a minimum of 10 feet between you and your neighbors unit), Deck Railings are not to exceed 30” in height with no solid panels. For More Awning Requirements – Refer to Rule #14B and #35.

We do not move 5th Wheels. If we do move your trailer, we are Not Responsible for any damages.

Remember Waffle Farm Campgrounds is on a Chain of 7 Lakes. If you forgot to bring your boat, we have ones you can rent. Great Fishing On All 7 Lakes!

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