Seasonal Site Change Procedure

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Site Change

New Requirements for Trailers, Awnings, and Decks for Site Change

  1. No existing park model or travel trailer over 320 square feet in set-up mode will be allowed to move to a waterfront site, because of their length and height.
  2. Site Change (Awnings): No form of Permanent Screened-in-Awnings or Tarps can be moved with your trailer for a site change.
  3. Site Change (Decks): When moving your deck, it will have to start Flush With the Ground. (NO RAISED DECKS).
  4. Depends upon the length of your seniority standing each year will determine on which sites will be available.
  5. Each year that you are with us, you may change your site according to your seniority.
  6. When you receive your seasonal literature in January for the coming season, make sure you fill out site change, either YES or NO.
  7. You will not be considered for a site change if you do not indicate it on the seasonal contract under site change for the coming season.
  8. You Will Be Called After March 1st if you have requested a site change.At this time you will be given a choice of sites available if any.

    You Are Required to Decide at the Time of the Call if you wish to change sites or not.

    If Yes tell us which site that you desire that is available.

    Make sure you know which sites you are interested in So You Can Decide at the Time of Your Call.

    You Cannot Call Back the next day to decide or come up later to look at sites.

    You must decide at the time of call.

    We have others to call who want site changes.

    P.S. Be Ready For Our Call…

Remember Waffle Farm Campgrounds is on a Chain of 7 Lakes. If you forgot to bring your boat, we have ones you can rent. Great Fishing On All 7 Lakes!

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