Seasonal Rate Information

Season Start: April 15, 2021                   Season End: October 17, 2021

Off-Lake Sites

also known as back sites

Partial Hook Up
Full Hook Up

Water Front Sites

the premium sites

Partial Hook Up
Full Hook Up

Additional Fees

extra seasonal fees

Campsite Electric
This usage is calculated from the meter on your site, at the current Consumers Energy rate. If Consumers Energy increases the rate during the season, your rate will be changed accordingly. There is a MINIMUM FEE of $50.00 Per Season.
Late Fee Charges
Season Rent: Any unpaid balance past the 1st of July will have a late fee charge of $3.00 per day. REMEMBER: You will not receive a separate bill.
End of Season Fees
The fees listed here are to be PAID IN FULL UPON CLOSING OF THE CAMPGROUND for the season. Fees Due: 1. A $400 required deposit on your site to hold it for the coming season. 2. Your current year meter read (electric charge) at $0.15/kwh (subject to change). 3. The on-site winter trailer storage charge of $100.00 (if applicable). 4. Boat or pontoon storage charge in the field or in the barn (if applicable). We do not move fifth wheel trailers. If we do move your trailer, we are not responsible for any damages. PLEASE CHECK OUT IN PERSON TO PAY ALL END OF SEASON FEES.
Site Termination
If your seasonal rent and end of season fees are not paid in full by closing day, your seasonal site contract will be terminated and you will not receive a contract for the following year. Your trailer, shed and/or deck cannot be removed from the campground until all fees are paid in full. If payment is not received, your past due account will be turned over to collections. This remedy does not preclude the campground from termination of the contract or rights to the site for any other reason stated in this seasonal contract.