All Docks Are to be Co-Owned

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Parking and Seasonal Passes

  1. By two seasonal campers for insurance purposes and this will also give everybody water access. Current Seasonal on water front or back site will be required to co-own or share their dock with another seasonal camper nearby them. (No Exceptions) If you refuse, you will lose your Boat Slip Rights.
  2. Placement & Spacing of Docks: So each dock will accommodate two seasonal campers water craft. Dock placement will depend upon the availability of water frontage. This will be left up to the season campers and their new neighbors.Spacing of Docks: all docks are to be 21’ apart (Edge to Edge). No wider than 3 ft. This allows for a 2 boat usage of each co-owned dock with some room left over. So get along with your new neighbors and we will have no problems. All docks are to be straight out from shore with some room (No Exceptions).

    Channel Sites: Docks are not to exceed 18’ in length. Channel water craft not to exceed 20’ in length.

  3. At End of Season All Boats and Docks are to be out of water and No Trailerized Boats or Golf Carts Stored on Sites. They are your responsibility. For a fee we have field or inside storage available for your water craft.
  4. Advertising of your Boat, Trailer or Shed – Be sure to have all pertinent information on your ad. Management will not give out your information unless it is an emergency or to law enforcement.

Remember Waffle Farm Campgrounds is on a Chain of 7 Lakes. If you forgot to bring your boat, we have ones you can rent. Great Fishing On All 7 Lakes!

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