What Makes Michigan a Perfect Place to Camp?

Do you still carry the wonderful memories of your last camping hurrah; but, do not know where you should go for your next excursion?

Have you ever been to Michigan before? If not, then you would fall in love with the greenery and topography of this Midwestern state of the country. This state has everything from mountain cliffs and thick forests to lakeside communities. There are hundreds of camping sites in virtually every part of Michigan with most of the individuals and families choosing to explore the recreation facilities and the waterways. There are even private campgrounds that offer comforts of homelike electricity, hot water and sewer.

There are many places famous for their camping sites but Michigan beats them hands down in terms of diverse geographical natural. So varied is the geography of the state that you may be running down sand dunes in a camp in one part of the state while find yourself searching agates in rocky beaches in a camp in another part of the state. In addition to diverse geography, Michigan is also ahead of other states in terms of sheer numbers of campsites. From Copper Harbor which is the upper most point of Michigan down to a camp in the Lower Peninsula, there are no less than 229 campgrounds for public. These grounds contain more than 13,500 camping sites for those who love to experience the thrill and adventure of spending their nights outdoors under the sky.

One reason why people from all parts of the country prefer to go to Michigan for camping is that this activity is not only prevalent but also a part of the culture of the local people. Camping here is described as an activity that allows you to live Michigan. One can see the summer time madness among the people of Michigan as they head to the eastern coast that boasts of several camping communities.


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