10 Reasons to Camp at Waffle Farm

10 Reasons to Camp at Waffle Farm Campgrounds in Coldwater Michigan.

If you are planning to camp during this weekend and not sure where to go, take a look at Waffle Farm Campgrounds in Coldwater Michigan. It is a place enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of campers who visit year round. Situated mainly along Craig Lake, some part of this property also lies along the shores of Lake Morrison. Every camper has his own reasons for loving this campground but here are top 10 reasons why you should come to this place along with your family.

1. Location.
No matter how many campgrounds you have visited or stayed at before, this picturesque campground containing nearly 400 campsites will win you over with its sheer beauty.

2. Enjoy Fishing Like Never Before.
If you are fond of fishing, you will find Waffle Farm just like paradise. Go to the lake and fish to the content of your heart.

3. Variety of Fish in the Lakes.
You will be pleasantly surprised to see the huge variety of fish in the lake. They include bass, bluegill, pike, walleye, and many more.

4. For Wholesome Entertainment through Water Activities.
Have fun enjoying fun these activities in the water include boating, swimming, skiing etc.

5. For the Golfer in you.
You will find Waffle Farm to be a paradise for you if you are passionate about golfing. There is not only one but four public golf courses within the immediate area to try out your golfing skills.

6. Sumptuous Meals.
It is not that you only have the fish you caught to eat as there are several restaurants serving delicious steaks and even Chinese food to keep you happy and satisfied during your stay.

7. Cottages for a comfortable stay.
If you want to stay in your RV or a tent, you are most welcome. However, you can also choose one of the cottages that are full of all modern amenities and comforts for your weekly stay. Why go to a hotel when you can enjoy the beauty and nature that is Waffle Farm?

8. Full entertainment for the family.
Waffle Farm has many exciting activities for fun and enjoyment of the whole family. There is also theaters and a opera house to spend your time in leisure. Waffle Farm is the perfect getaway for family and friends. Located in Coldwater, Michigan, Waffle Farm has a little something for everyone in the family.

9. Spend time in the company of nature.
You are all alone in your appreciation of Mother Nature early in the morning as you wake up listening to the chirping of birds. Clean and crisp air fills your nostrils and you realize there is no one between you and Mother Nature. Take a nice hike or enjoy the abundant nature trails or you can bask in the glory of a beautiful sunset while exploring the wilderness.

10. Campfire in the evenings
Sing and dance along with family and friends to have a blast of a time. Waffle Farm has every reason for you to come back again and again. Once you visit Waffle Farm campgrounds you want to make this your private getaway from home.


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